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The Alaska Collection at the Z. J. Loussac Library

This collection contains over 20,000 books on Alaska and the North, including rare books, maps and manuscripts. Alaska state and Anchorage municipal documents as well as CD-ROM databases with polar and Alaskan information are also available. 

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  • Genealogy Resources in the Alaska Collection
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Genealogy Resources in the Alaska Collection

In the Z.J. Loussac Public Library Alaska Collection, one copy of each book stays in the library for reference and research. The call number is preceded by AK-R. If there is a second copy, that book will have an ‘N’ call number and blue dot on the spine indicating it may be checked out.

Books with AK-RARE preceding the call number are kept in a locked cabinet. Please ask the Alaska Reference Librarian for assistance.

Standard Reference Source

Alaska Sources: a Guide to Historical Records and Information Resources. AK-R 979.8 BRADBUR.

Biographical Information

Alaska: Who’s Here, What’s Doing, Who’s Doing It. Contains biographical paragraphs on 500 people living in Alaska in 1955. N 920.0798 JEFFERY.

Biographies of Alaska-Yukon Pioneers, 1850-1950. A 5-volume work of biographical material from the period of early development of Alaska and the Yukon. The information was gleaned from newspaper obituaries, magazine articles and books; and the articles include the source of the information. AK-R 929.39798 FERRELL.

Legends & Legacies, Anchorage 1910-1935. Written by John P. Bagoy about early Anchorage families. N 979.83504 BAGOY.

Nome and Seward Peninsula: History, Description, Biographies and Stories by E. S. Harrison (1905). AK-RARE 917.98 HARRISO.

Tewkesbury’s Who’s Who in Alaska and Alaska Business Index. (1947) “Persons selected for listing are those who maintained a home in the territory and who are notable for worthy achievement.” N 920.0798 TEWKESB.

Who’s Who in Alaskan Politics, a Biographical Dictionary of Alaskan Political Personalities, 1884-1974. Brief biographical sketches written by Evangeline Atwood & Robert DeArmond.  N 920 ATWOOD.

Cemetery Records and Obituaries

Alaska Magazine (“End of the Trail”), 1970-present. AK PERIODICAL.

Anchorage Times Obituaries Index, 1915-1965. AK-R 929.3 ANCHORA.

Anchorage Times Obituaries Index, 1966-1980. AK-R 929.3 ANCHORA.

Anchorage Times Obituary Index, 1981-1990. AK-R 929.3 ANCHORA.

Anchorage Obituary Index, 1991-1995. N 929.3 ANCHORA.

Anchorage Obituary Index, 1996-2000. N 929.3 ANCHORA.

Anchorage Daily News Obituary Index, 2001-2007. AK-R 929.3 ANCHORA.

Cemetery Inscriptions and Area Memorials in Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula Borough.
AK-R 929.509783 CEMETER.

The Cemetery Book: an Indexes Compilation of People Interred in Cemeteries Located in the Municipality of Anchorage, Alaska. N 929.3097983 CEMETER.

Clay Street Cemetery Burial List, Fairbanks, Alaska. AK-R 929.5097986 FAIRBAN.

Funeral Records, Juneau, Alaska: Master Index (1898-1964). AK-R 929.5097982 FUNERAL.

Hooper Bay obituaries as found in the Anchorage Daily News, 1985 to 2005. AK-R 929.3798 HOOPER.

Index of Alaska Obituaries from Various Sources with a Supplement of Obituaries from Sources in the Ketchikan Area collected by Patricia Roppel [1899-1995]. Compiled from newspapers, magazines, books, & grave markers. AK-R 929.3 DEARMON.

Index of Death Certificates, Seward, Alaska, 1903-1949. AK-R 929.37983 LUNDINE.

Northern Lights Cemetary [i. e. Cemetery] Inventory. AK-R 929.5097986 CASPER.

Obituaries of the Nelson Island region, Toksook Bay, Tununak, Nightmute, Newtok, and
Mekoryuk : as found in the Anchorage Daily News, 1985 to 2005.
AK-R 929.3798 OBITUAR.

Memory Eternal I: A Baseline Inventory of the Burials Surrounding the Holy Ascension
Cathedral at Unalaska, Alaska.
N 929.509783 MURRAY.

Point Comfort Cemetery Restoration Project, Sunrise, Alaska. AK-R 979.83 BUZZELL.

Sitka, Alaska Death and Burial Register to 1986. AK-R 929.37982 ANDERSE.

Skagway, Alaska, Gold Rush Cemetery: History and Guidebook. AK-R 979.82 CHOATE.

Directories of Names and Businesses

Alaska Directory and Gazetteer, 1932-1935.   AK-RARE 920 ALASKA .........   .. 

Alaska People Index. Vol. 1 is an index of names found in the Alaska Sportsman 1939-1969. Vol. 2 is an index of individuals who appear in 23 unique Alaskan sources. AK-R 979.8 BRADBUR.

Alaska-Yukon Gold Book, (1930). AK-R 917.98 SOURDOU.

A-J Mine Personnel Index - 1914-1944 A- J Closure. (with some beyond 1944)
[electronic resource] : & partial index of Alaska Gastineau & Perseverance Mine personnel AK-R 929.37982 A-J-MINE.

Anchorage Library--Please Ask For Assistance

Index to Baptisms, Marriages, and Deaths in the Archives of the Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church in Alaska. Two reels of film, 1816-1936. AK-MFORM 929.3798 INDEX.

An Index to Dawson City, Yukon Territory and Alaska Directory and Gazetteer, Alaska-Yukon Directory and Gazetteer, and Polk’s Alaska-Yukon Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1901-1912. AK-R 920 HALES.

Klondike Stampeders Register: a Chronology of the Klondike Gold Rush, 1897-1898.
Most entries are brief, however, a few are a half-page or more. AK-R 971.91 PENNING.

Lost & Found in Alaska and the Klondike. An index of 40,000 names of people in Alaska, the Klondike, and the Cassiar before 1940. AK-R 929.3798 BEEMAN.

Polk’s Alaska-Yukon Gazeteer and Business Directory. 1905-06, 1911-12, 1915-16, and 1923-24. AK-RARE 650 POLK.

General Sources

120 Years of Alaska Postmasters, 1867-1987. N 383.145025798 DICKERS.

Alaska Mining History: a Source Document. N 622.09798 HEINER.

Alaska Territorial Telephone Books, 1906-1958 : a Collection on Microfiche. AK-R 384.6065 MERRELL.

Dictionary of Alaska Place Names. N 917.98003 ORTH.

How To Find Your Gold Rush Relative: Sources on the Klondike and Alaska Gold Rushes (1896-1914). N 929.3 HOW-TO.

North to Alaska: an Overview of Immigrants to Alaska, 1867-1945. AK-R 304.89798 NORRIS.

Picture Alaska, an index, compiled by Joseph Drazan & Joseph Burke. AK-R 759.1798

Government Resources

12th Census. Alaska, 1900. Microfilm of enumerator sheets, with soundex index.

13th Census. Alaska, 1910. Microfilm of enumerator sheets, no soundex index.

14th Census of Population, Alaska. 1920. Microfilm of enumerator sheets, with soundex index. AK MFORM 317.983 UNITED.

15th Census of Population, Alaska. 1930. Microfilm of enumerator sheets, no soundex index. AK MFORM 317.983 UNITED.

Alaskan Census Records, 1870-1907. N 929.3798 JACKSON.

Federal Censuses of Alaska, 1900-1930. AK-R 310.9798.

FEDERAL Guide to the Probate Records for Alaska, 1885-1960. N 346.052 GUIDE-T.

Newspaper/Journal Indexes and Guides

1898-1922 Vital Records of Alaska & Yukon (Marriage, Death, Birth, Divorce, Anniversary & Christening): as Reported in the Weekly Douglas Island Newspaper, Douglas, Alaska. AK-R 929.5097982 EIGHTEE.

Five Year Index, the Alaska Journal, 1971-1975. This journal has interesting articles
about Alaska history. AK-R 051 ALASKA.

Alaska Journal Index, 1976-1985. 5,000 entries for these years. AK-R 051 ALASKA.

Alaska Newspapers on Microfilm, 1866-1998. Valuable resource for identifying newspapers in Alaska. N 071.98 ALASKA.

Alaska Weekly (Seattle) 1923-1948: Index by Date with Subject Guide. AK-R 909.82

Births, Marriages, Divorces and Deaths Reported in the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner,
Fairbanks, Alaska, 1940-1949.
AK-R 979.86 BIRTHS.

A Guide to the Pathfinder: a Monthly Journal of the Pioneers of Alaska, 1919-1926.
AK-R 979.804 TILLOTS.

Index of Births, Deaths, Marriages and Divorces in Fairbanks, Alaska Newspapers,
. AK-R 979.86016 INDEX.

An Index to Mining-Related Articles in Ketchikan Newspapers, 1901-1936 : Ketchikan District, including George and Carroll Inlets, Thorne Bay, Gravina and Annette Islands) and Hyder, Helm Bay, Prince of Wales Island, and southeast Alaska. N 622.3422 REDMAN.

Index to the Petersburg Newspapers, 1913-1916. N 071.982 FORREST.

Index to the Seward Gateway, a Newspaper, 1904-1910. AK-R 070.16 STALLIN.

Name Authority File for Fairbanks, Alaska Newspapers : 1908-February, 1914. This file lists 2,500 names that appeared in Fairbanks newspapers of the period. N 071.7986016 NAME.

Subject Index to the Alaskan, 1885-1907, a Sitka Newspaper. N 071.7982016 DE ARMO.

Vital Records from Alaska Daily Empire [Juneau, Alaska]. The five volumes cover the years 1916-1936. AK-R 929.37982 VITAL-R.

Anchorage Obituary Index - [1-1-1981 through 10-1-2001] - Obituaries after 2001, see the print newspaper obituary indexes in the Alaska Collection.

Internet Resources

Alaska Bureau of Vital Statistics - Alaska Bureau of Vital Statistics manages vital records in the State of Alaska which include birth, death, fetal death, divorce and marriage certificate data, along with reports of adoption.

Anchorage High School Yearbook Index Online - [1917-1978] - Go to Alaska Collection Librarian’s Office to view Anchorage High School Yearbooks. [1917–2010]. Yearbooks in the Alaska Collection, area use only and requires ID.

Anchorage Memorial Park Cemetery Site –Links to a Master Burial List is searchable by last name.

Alaska & Polar Periodical Index at University of Alaska Fairbanks Rasmuson Library - APPI cites articles about Alaska, northern circumpolar nations, and Antarctica. It does not contain the text of those articles, but all are received by UAF Rasmuson Library. More than 200,000 articles are covered, from the 1980s to the present.

Athabascan TopicTrail - Research sources on Alaska Native groups--prepared by the Anchorage Public Library.

Yup’ik & Cup’ik Research sources on Alaska Native groups--prepared by the Anchorage Public Library.

Inupiaq - Research sources on Alaska Native groups--prepared by the Anchorage Public Library.

Guide to Alaska Museums and Historical Societies  - Museums Listings by Alaskan cities A–W, site includes addresses, contact information, and brief annotation about the organization.

Yukon Archives Genealogy Databases - Searchable databases for Yukon genealogy, including ‘Pan for Gold,’ and includes unique databases: Francophone Yukoners; Sourdough Air Display, 1971-2006; and Yukon Barristers Roll.

Browsing the Shelves - If you prefer just to browse the shelves, try these call numbers: AK-R 071 (for newspaper indexes) AK-R 929 (for genealogy).


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