Anchorage Genealogical Society
Anchorage Genealogical Society

Geographical Information About Alaska

There are many things that are bigger, better, and unique about Alaska. The list below is just a start . . . check it out.
     · It is the biggest state. It is two and a half times larger than Texas.
     · The site of the highest mountain in North America is in Alaska. It is named
      Denali (formerly Mt. McKinley).
     · Alaska has both the easternmost and westernmost points in the United States
      respectively: Semisopochi Island at 179 degrees 36" 51' east of Greenwich
      and Amatignak Island at 170 degrees 06" 31' west of Greenwich.
     ·Alaska also has the northernmost point in the United States: Point Barrow at 71 degrees
      23" 25' north latitude.