Anchorage Genealogical Society
Anchorage Genealogical Society
Inventory of AGS' Equipment and Supplies
Items in the possession of the President:
Items in the possession of the Vice-President:
Items in the possession of the Treasurer:
1. Quicken, version 8.
2. Quicken flash drive with files.
3. Cash Box.
4. Carryall bag.
5. Printer, ink cartridge, paper.
6. Check book and deposit slips.
7. Three ring binder with Treasurer records for 2009, 2010, 2011.
Items in the possession of Membership:
1. Mailbox key on blue cord in my purse.
2. Supply tote in family room next to file cabinet.
3. On maple shelf by door in bedroom-everything on two middle shelves plus box on
    lowest shelf.
4. 7 binders on dresser next to maple shelves.
5. Stamps and Address Labels in table drawer at the foot of the bed.
6. Everything on small black stacker shelves on computer desk - EXCEPT GREEN
    SHELF - also the black membership binder on shelving underneath.
7. Two more binders, etc. on floor by chair- Pioneer Paperwork.
Items in the possession of the Secretary:
1. 2 Notebooks and 3 Large Expando Files containing copies of old minutes and other
    AGS' documents. These are in the process of being organized and indexed in
    preparation of scanning onto a flash drive.
2. One 3-ring-binder with job description, and Website set-up/management,
    instructions, and information.